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Mondelēz International R&D | October 2013

In September 2013, we participated in the most popular and widely attended nutrition congress, 20th International Congress of Nutrition (ICN) in Granada, Spain under the auspices of the International Union of Nutrition Sciences (IUNS). The theme of this congress was, "Joining Cultures through Nutrition". This event which occurs once in every 4 years, drew worldwide attendance of more than 5,000 nutrition researchers, policymakers, doctors and representatives from industry, government and health media.

Our team of nutrition research and communications professionals were active at 20th ICN, 2013:

  • We provided many attendees a chance to taste our biscuit product offerings, meet our nutritionists, ask questions about the nutritional qualities and properties of our biscuits and discover our science and clinical research behind our biscuit product formulations.
  • We distributed scientific insight articles and factsheets authored by our nutrition researchers and communications team members.

We organized a symposium on Satiety entitled "Satiety: From integrative approach to food application", which was attended by more than 200 congress attendees. The symposium was chaired by Professor John E. Blundell from University of Leeds, UK. The panel of speakers included researchers and subject matter experts well known in the area of satiety related research who gave the following talks:

- Satiety regulation and measurement: Linking physiology and behavior, John E. Blundell, Institute of Physiological Sciences, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK

- Development of a satiety panel as a new method to screen satiety enhancing foods, Sophie Vinoy, Nutrition Research, Mondelēz International R&D Saclay, France

- Satiety and its benefits to the consumer, Marion Hetherington, Department of Biophysiology, Institute of Physiological Sciences, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK

- Mechanism of appetite regulation: a role of the gut-microbiota?, Nathalie M. Delzenne, Research Group in Metabolism and Nutrition, Louvain Drug Research Institute, University Catholique de Louvain, Belgium

- How does neuroimaging help us understand mechanisms of satiety?, Hans-Rudolph Bethoud, Neurobiology of Nutrition Laboratory, Pennington Biomedical Research Center, USA

  • We co-organized the HEALTHGRAIN FORUM symposium titled "Cereal foods and health – new results and science based nutrition guidelines". View/download the summary report. The symposium chairs were, Prof. Kaisa Poutanen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland and Prof. Gabriele Riccardi, Federico II University, Naples, Italy. The panel of speakers included researchers and subject matter experts well known in the area of cereals and whole grains related research and gave the following talks:

- General introduction – cereal foods and components in our daily diets and their importance for health, Gabriele Riccardi, Federico University II University, Naples, Italy

- Whole grain and fibre intake and colorectal cancer; new results from the HELGA and EPIC cohorts, Anja Olsen, Institute of Cancer Epidemiology, Danish Cancer Society Research Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark

- Health benefits of whole grain wheat: intervention study clarifying underlying mechanisms and the role of polyphenols bound to dietary fibre, Paola Vitaglione, Department of Agricultural and Food Science, University of Naples, Naples, Italy

- Whole grain wheat intake – impact on weight loss, body composition and cardiometabolic factors – results from intervention studies, Penny M. Kris-Etherton, Department of Nutritional Sciences, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, USA

- Global dietary whole grain recommendations: harmonised or multifarious message?, Chris Seal, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle, UK

- Concluding remarks followed by plenary discussion, Kaisa Poutanen, VTT and University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Finland

  • We hosted four poster presentations and two oral presentations in the research areas of whole grains, satiety, carbohydrate quality and glycemia:

- Vinoy S, Goux A, Jourdan-Salloum N, Meynier A. 2013. Interest of slowly digestible starch on carbohydrate metabolism: meta-analysis. View/download poster.

- Meynier A, Goux A, Ndao D, Brack O, Vinoy S. 2013. Glycemic response of cereal products is mainly explained by its slowly digestible starch, fat and fibre content. View/download poster.

- Lesdéma A, Fromentin G, Arlotti A, Vinoy S, Airinei G, Benamouzig R, Bado A, Tome D, Marsset-Baglieri A. 2013. Combining fibres and proteins in a cereal product reduces appetite sensations with some effects on gastric emptying and gluco-insulinemic response. View/download poster.

- Chanson-Rollé A, Lappi J, Meynier A, Poutanen K, Vinoy S, Braesco V. 2013. Health benefits of wholegrain: a systematic review of the scientific evidence to propose a daily intake. View/download poster.

  • We offered more than 5,000 servings of whole grain biscuits to help fuel attendees throughout the conference.

Our participation was a platform to engage in discussions with multi-disciplinary nutritionists across many regions, cultures and branches – a success for us, and well received by congress attendees.